You can now hear Boston Praise Radio and TV on RoKu TV.  Just click on Shoutcast on your Roku channel and search for Boston Praise Radio.

Roku launched the first product ever designed to stream movies from Netflix instantly on TV. Since then, our best-selling Roku streaming players have become synonymous with amazing choice, control, and value in TV entertainment. Join us—and be a part of the Roku revolution.

Some of the Featured Channels:

Netflix hulu PLUS Amazon instant video Crackle hbogo pandora NHL ON ROKU, National Hockey League angry_birds disney UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship wsj facebook mls CNBC NBA GAME TIME Epix fox mlbtv gbtv wheeloffortune dish nbcnews jeopardy showtime


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MyStream 2: via @YouTube
- Sunday Mar 26 - 3:51pm

MyStream 0: via @YouTube
- Sunday Mar 26 - 3:49pm

MyStream 3: via @YouTube
- Sunday Mar 26 - 3:43pm

Boston Praise Radio & TV Live Stream: via @YouTube
- Sunday Mar 26 - 3:36pm

We are now on You Tube Live.
- Sunday Mar 26 - 3:20pm

Boston Praise Radio & TV Live Stream
- Sunday Mar 26 - 3:20pm

We are broadcasting live on You Tube Live.
- Sunday Mar 26 - 2:09pm