Who Are We?


We are a 24-Hour 7-Day a week, Internet Radio, Roku TV, WRCA 1330 AM Radio and WBPG-LP 102.9 FM Radio Station located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Pastor Bruce Wall is the CEO and Founder of the radio and TV station.  He is also the Senior Pastor of the Global Ministries Christian Church (www.globalministriesboston.org).

We are located in Boston’s troubled urban neighborhood called Codman Square.  We are using the station to not only witness to the lost but to address the issue of injustice, crime and homicides in the entire City of Boston.

We started the station in January of 2010 with sixteen pastors who heard and believed in the vision.  Today our radio and TV station is filling up with broadcasters who want to fulfill the Great Commission by broadcasting to the world.

Our vision is to not only minister to our congregations but also to go outside of the four walls of the church building and reach lost people for Christ in Boston, through the nation and worldwide.

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Sunday Service 4 22 18: https://t.co/iuOUxT6zQc via @YouTube
- Sunday Apr 22 - 4:26pm

Boston Praise Radio & TV Live Stream: https://t.co/xbj1lX6XvF via @YouTube
- Sunday Apr 22 - 4:26pm

Boston Praise Radio & TV https://t.co/eXZhoAFXpp
- Sunday Apr 22 - 3:38pm

GLOBAL MINISTRIES CHRISTIAN CHURCH'S WORSHIP SERVICE **************************************************************… https://t.co/3sATeuyfNa
- Sunday Apr 22 - 2:48pm

You can also watch us live on You Tube Live. Just click on the link and you will see and hear us. (… https://t.co/QFVnj9AFsJ
- Sunday Apr 22 - 2:22pm

Boston Praise Radio & TV https://t.co/1WXCXDvvwQ
- Sunday Apr 22 - 1:48pm

Pastor Franklin Wendell Hobbs C O T M H 4 22 18: https://t.co/IMIDJR4wHA via @YouTube
- Sunday Apr 22 - 10:36am