Bring your message to a world wide audience with the power of Boston Praise Radio.   Our broadcast ministries are transmitted around the globe 24 hours a day on two channels simultaneously reaching an international audience with the quality and reliability that only BPR can offer.You will broadcast on the Glorystar Satellite radio network of over 50 Christian Radio and TV stations.  You will also be heard on the Internet and Ustream TV.Experience the advantages of having a global outreach broadcast with today’s most advanced technology.  This is an opportunity to reach into people’s homes and offices, to touch hearts and to change lives.  Having your own international outreach can be as easy as making a recording and forwarding it to our broadcast center.  Join us on a mission of hope, inspiration and learning!A profile of your ministry will appear on our web site and we will provide an email link from our web site to yours.

To inquire about airing your ministry on BPR, email us at [email protected].

Direct Line: 617-283-9561 (Outside the United States dial country code 1)

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