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You can advertise with us by calling 617 283 9561.  We are a Christian Satellite, Internet and Ustream TV and AM Radio station located in Boston, MA

When you advertise with us you will see results.  We want to help to increase the traffic at your business.

Just call or e-mail ([email protected]) and we will get right back to you.

The Boston Praise Radio & TV Network is here to be a blessing to the listeners and to point them in the direction of your ministry and/or business.

Pastor Bruce H. Wall

President and CEO

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MyStream 2: via @YouTube
- Sunday Mar 26 - 3:51pm

MyStream 0: via @YouTube
- Sunday Mar 26 - 3:49pm

MyStream 3: via @YouTube
- Sunday Mar 26 - 3:43pm

Boston Praise Radio & TV Live Stream: via @YouTube
- Sunday Mar 26 - 3:36pm

We are now on You Tube Live.
- Sunday Mar 26 - 3:20pm

Boston Praise Radio & TV Live Stream
- Sunday Mar 26 - 3:20pm

We are broadcasting live on You Tube Live.
- Sunday Mar 26 - 2:09pm